Monday October 23rd, 2017 6:25PM

Gwinnett County student returns to school after threatening classmates

SUGAR HILL - A 13-year-old Gwinnett County student is being allowed to return to the classroom two months after making threatening statements toward his classmates.

According to a report from Gwinnett Schools Police, the male student entered his North Gwinnett Middle School classroom on November 12th and claimed that he intended to kill the 14 other students with whom he shared the class.

Marcia Martin, whose son was mentioned by name when the accused student made his remarks, spoke with Fox 5, saying: "The kid came into class...he pointed to all the children and said that he was going to kill them. And he said he had a knife, and it was in his lunchbox."

School officials have confirmed that a knife was later found in the student's belongings, although it was not on school grounds.

Even though authorites say the accused student's schedule has been changed so that he no longer shares a class with Martin's son, Martin said she is considering removing her son from the school altogether.

"I want to know why they allowed a kid that threatened 14 kids and had a knife...why did they allow him back to school? He is a threat to not only those kids but other kids as well," she said.

Authorities have not released the name of the student, who has a developmental disorder, due to his age.

School officials said Tuesday that disciplinary actions were taken against the student before he was allowed to return to school.
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