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Salvation Army commander "up on the roof" to raise $10K

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GAINESVILLE - As part of an effort to raise money for this year's Salvation Army Kettle Drive, Lt. Matt Cunningham of Gainesville is spending some time on the roof of Slack Auto Parts on Main Street.

Cunningham said he wanted to do something a little above and beyond the regular kettle drive this year, so he and Salvation Army board member Henry Slack came up with the idea of him setting up camp on the roof of the business until he can raise $10,000 for the campaign.

He said Monday afternoon he was glad the weather was cooperating.

"God has smiled upon me with the weather, so we are very blessed at that," he said. "Now it's just trying to get the word out why this crazy guy is standing on the roof of Slack Auto Parts with a kettle in his hand and a baritone to his lips."

Cunningham is taking donations at the business, or donors can make contributions online. See link below.

Gainesville's Salvation Army centre serves families in Hall, Banks, Barrow, Dawson, Lumpkin and Forsyth counties.

Cunningham said before Thanksgiving that 730 families in the region have applied for Christmas assistance this year.

As of 6:00 p.m. Monday, just $400 had been raised for the "Stay 'Til 10K" promotion.

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