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Gainesville BOE promises to look into Internet filter blocks

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GAINESVILLE - The Gainesville School Board has promised it would look into why two Chinese oriented meditation websites come up as 'occult' and are blocked by the Gainesville High School Internet filter.

Expressing her concern at Monday's board meeting held in the high school cafeteria, Mary Silver, who supports Clear Wisdom and Falun Dafa, told board members the sites do not encourage involvement in the occult. Far from it, she said.

Instead, Silver said, they promote truth, compassion and forbearance while offering, among other things, relief from stress and anxiety, more energy, and better physical health.

Silver said Congressional and Georgia legislative resolutions support Falun Dafa or Falun Gong as beneficial, and call on the Chinese Communist regime to stop persecuting its practitioners; that persecution began in 1999 when party leader Jiang Zemin decided the practice challenged his authority and he ordered it stopped and its practitioners jailed, tortured, and sent to labor camps.

Silver said she could not understand why GHS was banning the web sites or why they were classified as 'occult' sites adding that in this century students are citizens of the world and should be allowed to understand international issues and practices.

"This very good and excellent high school, through some mishap of its filter, is actually parodying the law of the Communist Party," Silver concluded. "I think its doing them a dis-service if the Gainesville High School filter still for some reason, and I can't imagine why, echoes the lies from the Communist Party in China."
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