Monday November 12th, 2018 11:26PM

Forsyth tax protest mirrors Washington rally

By Jerry Gunn Reporter
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CUMMING - For those in Forsyth County who could not make it to the big Tax and Spend protest in Washington D.C. Saturday, there was a local version in Cumming at the county court house.

Co- organizer Brad Wilkins estimated around 200 people showed up to protest Obama backed legislation on health care reform, the cap and trade policy and the deficit.

"This is a hometown version of the march on Washington happening right now," Wilkins said. "Not everybody could go, but Forsyth County residents can come here and let their voices be heard.

Conservative political candidates also found a ready audience in front of the courthouse steps.

Protester signs clearly expressed their sentiments about health care reform and deficit spending; Teresa Alpha said she was glad this rally was close to home for those who could not make it to Washington.

"We like where we're from," she said. "We're supporting Washington from here and we're going to stand up and rally together."

Alpha and her nine-year-old son composed a sign that read 'Beware the Angry American Voter'.
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