Wednesday January 16th, 2019 8:02PM

In search of a skinny-dipping record

By Ken Stanford Reporter
CLEVELAND - Looking for a different way to spend a Saturday afternoon? How about participating in a nationwide effort to set a world record for mass skinny-dipping?<br /> <br /> Seredipity Park, a White County nudist park, is among nudist parks, camps and beaches across the country that will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for a mass skinny-dip at 3:00 Saturday. Anyone 18-and-over, whether a nudist or not, is invited to participate.<br /> <br /> "In conformance with Guinness World Records rules, all participants to be <br /> counted must be completely nude during the skinny-dip," according to Paul Jones, the owner of Serendipity Park. "However, for those unaccustomed to skinny-dipping in public, rules allow for swimsuits to be worn into the water, but the swimsuit must be removed and held overhead at the signal from the witness(es) that the event has begun. They can then put the swimsuit back on to leave the water." <br /> <br /> Serendipity Park is located on Cedar Hollow Drive in Cleveland.
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