Tuesday November 13th, 2018 4:00PM

Mail carrier caught stealing on her route

By Staff
GAINESVILLE - A mail carrier has admitted to swiping gift cards meant for a 12-year-old Gainesville girl.

Pat Belt told Channel 2 Action News that when gift cards from relatives never showed, he called the stores where the gift cards came from.

"I found that they were all spent in Gainesville at local department stores and at a restaurant," Belt added.

The stores had pictures of the postal carrier, Donna McKenzie, spending the Belt's family money.

Prosecutor Frank Moran said that Donna McKenzie confessed to stealing gift cards from a Gainesville family's mailbox and is now serving a year on probation.

"If she is not compliance with her sentence, she could face a maximum of up to 12-months in custody," Moran said.

McKenzie told authorities she just needed the money.

A Postal Service spokesperson says McKenzie has been fired.
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